Homestay Thank You Meal

By Duncan Trickey | Posted: Sunday November 9, 2014

The Logan Park community thanked the many homestay families who have been hosting our international students.

This community event saw the international students create a menu to cater for the group of around 60. They spent the afternoon preparing the food under the guidance of Heather Brown the Hospitality teacher.

The food was well received by the hungry families and was seen as a small gesture for all of the care that the families have put in to looking after students throughout the year.

The evening also gave the families a chance to say goodbye to our eight international leavers, as they look to complete their exams before departing New Zealand. The leavers were presented with a carving from Tip Winiata. The boys receiving the Toki a symbol of strength and determination. This highlighted the journey from apprentice to master, as the students complete one stage of their educational journey before going on to the next. The girls received Roimata or teardrop, a symbol of the loving bonds formed in their time here.

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