The Year that Rocked

By John Dodd | Posted: Wednesday November 20, 2013

There have been some thunderous loud sounds going on at the back of the school, demonstrating that the art of rocknroll is still very much alive at LPHS.

The feature event in the year would have to be the Smokefree Rockquest, and once again our bands demonstrated originality and verve. We had three acts make it through to the regional finals and several others participate. Our big success was that soloist Sequoia Cunningham won the solo/duo award. Her original songs, together with her unique sense of style, sets her apart and she continues to get better. Not From Space, (Max Garden, Andrew Hopkins and Robbie Motion) impressed me with a sound that definitely reaches back to the early Flying Nun days (which of course LPHS played no small part in). They create edgy originals with style, panache and a clever sense of pop craftsmanship. Our third act to succeed was the Farqvards, (Christina Anson, Max Scott, Dainya Stevens, Mitchell Innes, all Year 11’s). This band have potential by the bucket load. They are all superb young musicians, they are tight musically and as friends, and they have started to write some good material. So beware people…….

The Youth Week Music Day didn’t arrive till week 4 of the final term due to less than impressive weather, but arrive it did, and the day always gives the whole school a chance to hear the talent, with the help of a big spunky sound system from Strawberry Sound. Not From Space (the Trenchcoat Brigade) and the Farqvards were just two of the class acts. Oscar Parker, Hoppy Hopkins and Max Lake laid down some serious noise, while Funk’s Sake established a sweet groove around Jacobi’s soulful vocals. Young upstarts Jimmy and the Stalefingers (Jim Robinson, Florence Sorrel, Jasper Holloway and the Olivers Robson and Molteno) showed the world that they fully intend to dominate in years to come. The day was also a chance to hear the enchanting voice and guitar of Carmen Heinze-Farrington.

There are a load of others playing contemporary music of one kind or another around the school. If I try to list them here I will forget somebody and then I’ll be in serious trouble. But keep an ear out for those rumbling sounds...