Anti-Litter Competition

By Arnika Hazelwood | Posted: Wednesday July 1, 2015

Our Senior Prefects and House Prefects worked with Ms Johnson to organise a special Arts assembly, in the last week of Term 2 focusing on reinforcing the message of respecting our beautiful environment.

All Groups created an item with an anti-litter message and then Houses selected the best items to represent the Houses. The final assembly was an entertaining celebration of music, songs, films and performances. Ms Spicer and Mr Dodd were the final judges.
Results: First place: Group 2/4 film. Second place: Group 4/5 film. House 1 Best Performance: Group 1/2. House 2 Best Performance: 2/1. House 3 Best Performance: Group 3/3. House 4 Best Performance: Group 4/4.

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