Student Council

By Connor Seddon, with minor input from Mathew Denys | Posted: Wednesday January 1, 2014

This year Student Council saw the best and the worst of human nature, but only on YouTube as it seems that the rest of the school forgot that we exist.

Not that we’re bitter at all or anything, I mean it’s their loss after all. It would just be nice to have someone come in and talk to us on Monday lunchtimes; maybe we just intimidated everyone by being too cool. Yeah, that’s probably it.

Often I have heard, over the last five years of Logan Park, The question: “Where does all the Workday money go?” I feel it is my duty to answer that question. It goes into the coffers of Student Council. Now theoretically that money should all go towards student projects and trips, but as anyone who’s taken Year 13 Stats will know, theory doesn’t always mesh with reality. Much of the money was spent on sending students on trips and sponsoring charities but Student Council was left with in excess of $3000 by the end of the year, so I just feel that there was more that students could have asked of us. However, the party in term four was pretty sweet. Although I still think we should have bought a boat.

The most exciting event in Student Council was the election at the start of the year, as the members vied for the coveted role of Chairperson and the less coveted roles of Treasurer, Secretary and Communications Officer. The competition was fierce and the days leading up to the election saw two stabbings and one failed poisoning attempt. It was like the first season of Game of Thrones. 

In the end both Mathew and Josephine took the role of joint Chairperson, holding it in an uneasy and bitter truce. The power went almost immediately to Josephine’s head and we had to remind her occasionally that Student Council couldn’t technically order executions. It was a rare Student Council when Mathew and Josephine didn’t come to blows.

The other big event of the year was a bit unusual. After months of planning, Student Council was proud to present a Charitable Leg Waxing event in September. The profits were donated to the Orokonui Ecosanctuary. We were privileged enough to be visited by Tahu from Orokonui on the day, who brought an interesting range of costumes. Notable events on the day were Mr Trickey’s legs, and Malakai’s back.