Tagged and Released.

By Andrea McSweeney | Posted: Monday February 20, 2017

Among missing cats and cheap fridges for sale, original and free artwork will be appearing on community notice boards from Thursday the 9th -Friday the 17th of March as part of the Dunedin Fringe Festival.

Logan Park High School students will be creating small canvas artworks that will then be documented on the Tagged and Released Facebook page before being labeled and displayed on community and cafe notice boards. https://www.facebook.com/taggedandreleased/

Anyone is then welcome to catch the artwork, yours to own and cherish.

All we ask is that you login to our Facebook page and let us know where the work has ended up. Full instructions will be stuck on the back of the artwork.

A list of notice boards around Dunedin have been posted on the facebook site so you know where to look.

This project has involved students creating 80 original artworks. For most, it is the first time their work will be seen in public. Community notice boards have been selected as the exhibition areas to bring original art to an audience who may be unfamiliar with traditional art spaces.

Materials have been kindly provided by National Art Supplies with additional support from Logan Park High School.