2015 Senior Prefects Announced

By Arnika Hazelwood | Posted: Monday March 2, 2015

During February school assemblies, our 2015 School Prefects were announced and congratulated.

Head Boy, Kaitiaki and Academic Prefect: Jacobi-Kohu Morris.

Head Girl and Academic Prefect: Frances Barnett.

Deputy Head Boy and Enviro and Outdoor Education Prefect: Aidan Braid.

Deputy Head Girl and Kaitiaki: Talia Hapuku

Academic Prefects: William Dreyer and Tuhin Baucas

Sports Prefects: Chris Gillett, Oliver Eden-Mann, Aidan Braid, Claudia Dakin, Georgia Guthrie, Tait Familton, Tash Gosling

Pastoral Care and Peer Support Prefect: Isla Benham

Debating Prefect: Meran Campbell-Hood

International Liaison Prefects: Ryan Ong and Stephanie Etumyan

Music Prefects: Hanna Ott and Tim Copland

Drama Prefects: Jaimie Moore, Pippi Miller and Luke Major

Art Prefects: Luke Major, Ethan Gaffney and AJ Bowen

Clayton House Prefects: Head Boy and Girl: Aidan Braid and Frances Barnett

Deputies: Casey Cuthbertson, Harrison Kennedy, Isla Benham, Meran Campbell-Hood

Omimi House Prefects: Head Boy and Girl: Ethan Gaffney and Talia Hapuku

Deputies: Mitchell Innes, Jack Carter, Tash Gosling, Georgia Guthrie

Aoraki House Prefects: Head Boy and Girl: Jacobi Kohu-Morris and Pippi Miller

Deputies: Luke Major, Oliver Eden-Mann, Jamie Moore, Maia Hill

Toroa House Prefects: Head Boy and Girl: William Kilgour-Hand, Casey Wheeler

Deputies: Guy Russell, Oisin Quinlan-Thompson, Simone Williamson, Chloe Russell

Student Council: Chairpersons: Pippi Miller and William Dreyer

Secretaries: Aidan Braid and AJ Bowen.

Treasurer: Vyvienne Evans

Communications: Harrison Kennedy and Ethan Gaffney

Congratulations to all of our seniors who have been appointed leadership roles recognising their contribution to our school.