Get2Go Challenge

By Francine Vella | Posted: Wednesday November 13, 2013

The Get2Go Challenge is run by the Sir Edmund Hillary Outdoor Pursuits Centre over a school day in different locations throughout New Zealand. Students must be in Year 9 or 10 to enter.

Now in its 8th year the Get2Go Challenge is like The Amazing Race, Treasure Island and Survivor, mixed together with adventure sports including rock climbing, orienteering, kayaking, mountain biking and a little bit of problem solving. Get2Go is organised by OPC and supported by Youthtown, with the help of sports clubs and organisations right across New Zealand and has been designed to encourage a wider participation in outdoor pursuit activities. There are 12 events in the series held in regions around the country spanning as far north as Whangarei and right down to Dunedin. These take the form of one day challenges that are held in Term 3 each year.

In the regional one day events, teams need to navigate between four 60 minute long challenges and attempt each in the allotted time. To maximise their score in each task, teams are required to work together, using important team skills such as communication, problem solving, planning and decision making.There is a limited capacity of 24 teams at each regional challenge, with teams taken on a first in first served basis.

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