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By Technology teachers | Posted: Wednesday January 1, 2014

The Technology department is very proud of the success our students have had this year. Many of the projects completed this year have been absolutely phenomenal and it is always pleasing seeing students taking ownership from start to finish and admire the finished product.

Digital Technology — Year 9 students really enjoyed their digital communication with Southside High School in North Carolina in USA. In particular, the Skyping session was a highlight as well as the end of semester USA themed party. Junior DGT students created animated videos as their class introductions, and had fun remixing their own animated movies. Year 10 students produced print media magazines with a theme of their choice, designed and created their own board games and have made their own coded game or remixed a game using Scratch Programming. Seniors were kept busy this year with a variety of print media assessments for NCEA on topics such as Cyberbullying and tourism, and digital media assessments included video production on topical news issues. The bloopers video was a highlight of the Year 12 video creations and the Year 13 students’ video production incorporated a dance party/music remix creation.

Fabrics Technology — Another exciting year with outstanding outcomes from Year 9's producing cubes demonstrating their developing skills. This year, again we held an exhibition in the library for Year 10's Ugly Creatures. The diversity and complexity of the students work was impressive as students designed, drafted the patterns and made their outcomes using a variety of techniques. We also had the opportunity to snow dye thanks to the snow day in May. Senior students developed outcomes ranging from dungarees, hoodies, pleated lined skirts and strapless boned evening dresses. Students at Year 12 and 13 draft the blocks and make the entire patterns for their outcomes, demonstrating complex pattern making skills along with their ever improving construction techniques. Year 13's have also developed amazing quilted wall hangings as part of their complex applied design internals. It has been a pleasure to have taught all my students this year, and I look forward to seeing a lot of you again next year. It is with fondness and sadness that I say farewell my Year 13's and I wish them well for their futures.

Students of Materials Technology — Wood have produced some outstanding pieces of work and have made some ‘stakeholder’ parents very happy! Every single outcome from the workshop has been conceived, researched, designed and constructed from scratch. This individuality ensures that students take full ownership and responsibility for their solution to their own particular issue or situation. This develops independent thinking and a wide range of skills for life or skills which can be developed further in technology education.

Food Technology and Hospitality has enjoyed full programmes this year. Year 9 Food Technology students designed and created a healthy BBQ meal for a fellow student. This unit finished with a series of class barbecues. They also trialled and created at home a healthy meal for their families. In April, the Year 10 classes enjoyed producing three products to sell at the Otago Farmers Market, designed ‘gingerbread Whares’ and produced ice cream products for a staff member of their choice. The senior Hospitality classes enjoyed mastering a variety of skills necessary to become skilled young chefs. Year 11 students shared classes with International students and enjoyed working with them on an ‘Invite a friend to a finger food lunch’. International students also researched and ran a popular ‘sweet stall’ in July. A highlight for some students was a field trip in October to the Otago Polytechnic School of Hospitality and Food Design, to sample first year students’ assessment dishes. Two Year 13 students successfully assisted with the catering at the Year 10 camp at Tautuku earlier in the year.

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