Senior Prizegiving

By Kristan Mouat | Posted: Sunday November 9, 2014

We enjoyed farewelling our Senior students and celebrating their successes at our Senior Prizegiving in early November.

Dr Ruth Barnett, Board Chairperson, Jane Johnson, Principal and our Head Boy and Girl, Connor Seddon and Helen Prime all gave interesting, engaging and entertaining speeches.   

We were entertained with musical items from our Choir, Jazz Band, Orchestra, a Chamber Music Group and a Band.   Congratulations to Mathew Denys, our Dux for 2014 as well as all other prize winners.   Awards were presented for outstanding achievements in Academic, Sporting, Cultural and Leadership areas.    

We farewelled Don Mackenzie, Head of Art, who is retiring after 28 years of inspirational teaching, along with our much loved ESL teacher, Angela Wilson who is moving to Timaru to teach international students at Aoraki Polytechnic.  

Our Head Boy and Head Girl and their Deputies, along with Heads of Houses were announced for 2015. 

School Head Boy: Jacobi Kohu-Morris 3/ 4 
School Head Girl: Frances Barnett 1/1  
School Deputy Head Boy: Aidan Braid 1/ 2
School Deputy Head Girl: Talia Hapuku 2/5

Clayton Head Boy & Girl: Aidan Braid Frances Barnett
Toroa Head Boy & Girl: William Kilgour-HandCasey Wheeler
Omimi Head Boy & Girl: Ethan GaffneyTalia Hapuku
Aoraki Head Boy & Girl: Jacobi Kohu-MorrisPippi Miller

Special Awards for 2014

International Friendship: Malakai Maamaloa
Service to School Sports (Girls): Runa Falanitule
Service to School Sports (Boys): Tyler Stenton
Rupert Stewart Award for Excellence Across the Arts Curriculum: Connor Seddon &
Josephine Devereux
PTSA Prize for Service to School (Girls): Runa Falanitule
PTSA Prize for Service to School (Boys): Charlie Hilton & Malakai Maamaloa
Principal's Award for Service to School: Karen Penaia
Service to Student Council: Mathew Denys & Josephine Devereux
Principal's Award for Student Representative on the Board of Trustees: Connor Seddon
J P Dufour Memorial Citizenship Award: Roseamanda van der Linde
LPHS Board of Trustees Chairperson's Award for Head Girl: Helen Prime
LPHS Board of Trustees Chairperson's Award for Head Boy: Connor Seddon
House Cup/Shield: Omimi
NZ History Research Awards: Ella Yiannett & Jacobi Kohu-Morris
Otago Polytechnic Young Pacifica Scholarship: Karen Penaia
Otago Polytechnic Mana Pounamu Scholarship: Runa Falanitule
Otago Polytechnic Principal's Scholarship: Brittany Aitcheson
Proxime Accessit Cup & Medal for Runner-Up to Dux of School: Kyra Gillies & Connor Seddon
Otago University Leaders of Tomorrow Scholarships: Alex Woolrych & Mathew Denys
John Logan Memorial Cup & Medal for Dux of School, and Otago University Dux Scholarship: Mathew Denys

Other awards:

Year 11

Ngapera Andrews (Senior Girls Touch Award, Merit in Maori); Kaycee Barnes (Merit in Health & Physical Education); Ella Bendall (Merit in Hospitality); Jazzy Bowen (Merits in Hospitality, Materials Technology (Wood), Numeracy); Alfred Cathro (Merit in History); Josh Croucher (Merits in Mathematics, Science); Dylan Deans-Bennett (Boys Singles Tennis Champion, Junior Boys Athletics Champion, Excellence in Materials Technology (Metal), Merits in Art, Design and Visual Communication); Kate Denys (Girls Hockey - Most Improved Player, Girls Trophy for Outstanding Basketball Player, Senior Girls Volleyball Trophy, Excellences in Accounting, Health & Physical Education, Materials Technology (Fabric), Merits in Science, Year 12 Mathematics); Beka Dobson (Merit in General Mathematics); Henri Gaudin (Culbert Cup for Association Football, Intermediate Boys Cross Country Champion, Archimedes Prize for Excellence in Competition Mathematics, Excellence in Year 12 Mathematics, Merits in Music, Science); Mica Goldsmith-Lonie (Excellence in Latin, Merit in Mathematics); Ruairi Griffin (Logan Park High School Senior Chess Champion, Merits in English, Science, Year 12 Mathematics); Reva Grills (Merit in Accounting); Panashe Gwavava (First XI Boys Football - Most Improved Player); Sean Hall (Senior Boys Touch Award, Merit in Health & Physical Education); Emma Hamilton (Merit in History); Aditia Hasib (English Department Prize); Carmen Heinze-Farrington (Jane Johnson Award for English, Excellence in Historical Research); Chelsea Henman (Merit in Maori); Tia Hibbert (Service to Library, Merit in History); Sophie Hilton (Brooker Travel Award for Excellence in Stagecraft, Excellence in Drama); Jasper Holloway (Merit in Drama); Jonty Horwell (Best Senior Bowls Performance (boys), Merit in Materials Technology (Metal)); Daniel Howlett (Intermediate Boys Athletic Champion, Senior Boys Volleyball Trophy); Jesye Hunt (Porteous Trophy for Girls Rugby, Merit in General Mathematics); Caitlyn Kilner (Excellence in Materials Technology (Wood)); Timothy Kral (Merit in Digital Technology); Oscar La Dell (Brooker Travel Trophy for Emerging Actor, Merits in Drama, in History); Briana Lane (Excellence in Applied English, Merit in Hospitality); Maria Larsen (Excellences in Environmental Studies, History, Merit in English); Susie LeBuffe (Merit in English); Lydie Leurquin (Excellence in History, Merit in Latin); Izzie Locker (Merit in English, Merits in Health & Physical Education, History); Matilda Macandrew (Excellence in Digital Technology); George Maclaurin (Excellence in Year 11 Musical Performance, Grange HSOB Centennial Cup for Cricket, Excellence in English); Liana McCallum (Merit in Hospitality); Alexander McMillan (Boys Ice Hockey Trophy); Grant McNaughton (Excellence in Science, Merits in English, History); Shylo Moana (Senior Netball Most Valuable Player - Development Squads); Oliver Molteno (Merits in Materials Technology (Metal), Science); Sydney Mowat (Excellence in General Mathematics); Cassandra Muir (Merits in Environmental Studies, Science, Year 12 Mathematics); Phillip Nelson (Merit in Digital Technology); Emma O'Malley (Girls Football - Most Improved Player, Merit in Mathematics); Brianna Palin (English Department Prize, Excellence in History, Merit in Mathematics); Nel Pardas-Antona (Merit in Music); Dylan Pettinger (Merit in English Applied); David Prime (Boys Futsal - Most Improved Player); Shania Quinn (Intermediate Girls Athletic Champion, Intermediate Girls Cross Country Champion); Jim Robinson (NZ Theatre Federation Trophy for Service to School Drama); Jaren Roy (Boys Futsal - Most Valuable Player, Senior Boys Basketball Trophy - Most Valuable Player, Merit in Health & Physical Education); Breeze Scott (Merit in Environmental Studies); Florence Sorrel (Merit in Art); David Spencer (LPHS Cricket Batting Award, Merits in Health & Physical Education, Science, Year 12 Mathematics); Erica Stedman (Junior Girls Cross Country Champion, Excellences in Health & Physical Education, Music, Merit in Mathematics, Science); Jaebyn Stevens (Excellence in Hospitality); Eva Stoddart (Merit in Hospitality); Ava Straw (Senior Award for Choral Music, Senior Creative Writing Award - Prose, Excellences in French, Mandarin, Merits in English, Mathematics); Tayla Ward (Girls Futsal - Most Improved Player, Merit in Materials Technology (Fabric)); Ruari Warren (Theatresports Award); Bruno Willis (Brooker Travel Trophy for Emerging Actor, Excellence in Art, Merits in Design and Visual Communication, Drama); Katharine Woolrych (Senior Girls Volleyball Trophy, Excellences in Design and Visual Communication, English, Historical Research, Mathematics, Science, Merit in French); Ella Yiannett (Service to Library, Excellence in Historical Research, Merits in Art, English).

Year 12

Frances Barnett (Best Senior Girls Hockey Player, Lauderdale Cup for Brass Playing, Senior Creative Writing Award - Poetry, Excellences in Chemistry, Year 13 Calculus, Merits in Biology, Design and Visual Communication); Tuhin Baucus (Merit in Classical Studies); Isla Benham (Merit in English); Hayden Bosworth (Duncan Robertson Cup - Best Back); Alesha-Jane Bowen (Excellences in Classical Studies, Statistics, Merit in English); Aidan Braid (LPHS Climbing Trophy - Most Valued Climber, Merit in Health & Physical Education); Tess Burnside-Woods (Merit in Photography); Meran Campbell-Hood (Zonta Prize for Excellence in Senior Mathematics and Science, Excellence in English, Merits in Biology, Chemistry, History); Team Chanthasen (Excellence in Esol); Gong Chawaroj (Senior Boys Badminton Champion); Tim Copland (Melody Award - Melodic Improvisation); Poutama Crossman-Nixon (Merit in Career Pathways); Casey Cuthbertson (Senior Boys Athletic Champion, Merits in History, Physics); Claudia Dakin (Girls Football - Best Team Member, Girls Football Golden Boot Award, Girls Futsal - Most Valuable Player, Merits in Health & Physical Education, Merit in Media Studies); William Dreyer (English Department Prize, Excellences in History, Excellence in Physics, Merit in Biology); Tyler Dwight (Excellence in Career Pathways, Merits in Hospitality, Materials Technology (Wood)); Oliver Eden-Mann (Merit in Health & Physical Education); Stefaniya Etumyan (Excellence in Photography, Merit in Painting); Vyvienne Evans (Merits in Biology, English, History); Hannah Field (Year 12 Drama Trophy for Most Improved Student, Merit in Statistics); Ethan Gaffney (Merit in Chemistry); Liam George (Union Rugby Football Cup, Merit in Career Pathways); Dannii Goddard (Merit in English Applied); Tash Gosling (Senior Girls Athletic Champion, Jean Moore Memorial Prize for Digital Technology); Georgia Guthrie (Merit in Media Studies); Tahlia Hapuku (Senior A Netball Cup Most Valuable Player, Excellence in Hospitality); Mitchell Innes (F J Beadle Memorial - Band Playing, Merit in Music); Harrison Kennedy (Merit in General Mathematics); Jake Kohu-Morris (Twang Town Award for Excellence in Contemporary Music, Reid Cup for Excellence in English, Excellences in Accounting, Historical Research); Michael Lagocki (Merit in Digital Technology); Emma Langley (Excellence in Materials Technology (Fabric)); Tara Leckie (Excellence in History, Media Studies, Merit in Painting); Luke Major (The Shannon Colbert Trophy for Excellence in Stagecraft, Excellence in Painting, Merits in Drama, History); Pippi Miller (Douglas Dall Memorial Drama Cup, Excellence in Drama Cup, LPHS Fencing Trophy - Most Valuable Fencer, Excellences in Biology, Drama, Historical Research, Painting); Jamie Moore (Ex Students Award - Design & Execution Of Costuming, Merit in Drama); Taylor Murray (Excellence in General Mathematics, Merit in Materials Technology (Fabric)); Emily Newton (Merit in English); Hanna Ott (Excellences in Year 12 Musical Performance, Music, Merits in English, Latin, Physics); Oisin Quinlan-Thompson (Merit in Year 13 Calculus); Dallas Robertson (Excellence in Digital Technology); Chloe Russell (Merits in Health & Physical Education, Hospitality); Guy Russell (Merit in Design and Visual Communication); Alex Stevenson (Excellence in Gateway); James Strathern (Excellence in Physics); Josh Tree (Merits in English Applied, Materials Technology (Metal)); Saskia Turner (Senior Girls Cross Country Champion); Mayu Watarai (Senior Girls Badminton Champion); Casey Wheeler (Senior Shakespeare Group Performance Prize, Merit in Statistics); Simone Williamson (Senior Shakespeare Group Performance Prize).

Year 13

Nick Adams (Year 13 Certificate); Sam Addington (Senior Formal Writing); Brittany Aitcheson (Year 13 Certificate); Martin Alford (Year 13 Certificate); Saugat Baniya (Year 13 Certificate); Codey Bishop-Newman (Year 13 Certificate); Maddy Bowen (Year 13 Certificate); Eilish Brydie (Excellence in University Entrance English); Mathew Buckby (Year 13 Certificate); Alicia Buckingham (Year 13 Certificate); Ian Butler-Pollock (Year 13 Certificate); Bipin Chauhan (Year 13 Certificate); Samuel Cox (Year 13 Certificate); Ben Cravens (Year 13 Certificate); Yama Dempster-Passang (The Choreography Award); Mathew Denys (Boys Hockey - Best Team Member, Aldridge Memorial Prize for Excellence in Senior Mathematics, English Department Prize, Excellences in Chemistry, Physics, Merit in Biology); Josephine Devereux (Brooker Travel Cup for Drama Performance and Direction, NZ Theatre Federation Trophy for Best Senior Contribution to Junior Drama, Senior Award for String Playing, Senior Shakespeare Group Performance Prize, Service to School Drama, Excellences in Drama, Historical Research, Merit in Classical Studies); Ella Dodd (Year 13 Certificate); Lulu Drake (Year 13 Certificate); James Dwyer (Year 13 Certificate); Melitta Fairweather (Excellences in Gateway, Photography, Merits in Health & Physical Education, Materials Technology (Fabric), Materials Technology (Metal)); Runa Falanitule (Service to Tikanga Maori - Senior, Merit in Maori); Edan Feint (Service to School Sailing); Jack Fraser (Senior Boys Football - Golden Boot Award); Riley Fraser (Merit in University Entrance English); Brenden Freeman-Bray (Year 13 Certificate); Kyra Gillies (Dunedin North Rotary Cup for Literary Excellence, Excellences in Applied Art Theory, Classical Studies, Media Studies); Rebecca Harris (Merit in Hospitality); Aelyth Harrison (Ice Hockey Trophy (girls), Senior Award for Orchestral Music, Senior Award for Woodwind Playing, Service to School Music, Merits in Calculus, Music); Caleb Hathaway (Year 13 Certificate); Charles Hilton (Award for Set Design and Building, Film Club Award, Excellence in Classical Studies, Merits in Drama, History, Media Studies); Danni Honour (Year 13 Certificate); Malte Hornstein (Year 13 Certificate); Shiori Ito (Year 13 Certificate); Ashlee Johnston (Year 13 Certificate); Eva Kubala (McMillan Award for Excellence in Foreign Languages, Merit in French); Melorie Levings (Year 13 Certificate); Malakai Maamaloa (Merit in Painting); Jivy Macbeth (Girls Hockey - Best Team Member); Raven Mackenzie (Merits in English, History); Remy Macshane (Year 13 Certificate); Miro McCaw (Year 13 Certificate); Zach McGinnis (Year 13 Certificate); Danyon McKean (Year 13 Certificate); Oscar McNoe (Merit in Media Studies); Arisha McVicker (Year 13 Certificate); Nikolai Menkes (Year 13 Certificate); Ibrahim Mohamed (LPHS 1st XV Top Try Scorer, Service to School Cricket Trophy, Technical Excellence in Senior Football Award, Excellence in Statistics, Merit in Chemistry); Peter Molteno (Year 13 Certificate); Hayden Nyhof (Year 13 Certificate); Akari Okawa (Senior Award for Composition); Loren Palmer (Senior Award for Chamber Music, Senior Award for Jazz Combo Music, Senior Award for Musical Performance, Service to School Music, Excellences in Geography, Music, Merit in French); Karen Penaia (Service to Polynesian Group Performance); Isabella Prattley (Year 13 Certificate); Helen Prime (Gauss Prize for Excellence in Statistical Research); Kairangi Ratapu-Moss (Year 13 Certificate); Nikita Rewha (Year 13 Certificate); Aranae Royden (Merit in Photography); Saskia Rushton-Green (Service to Curators Club, Merit in Media Studies); Dane Scott (Year 13 Certificate); Connor Seddon (Cup for Contribution to Speaking and Debating, Most Improved Boys Hockey Player, The Louise Simpson Memorial Cup for Best All Rounder in Drama, Croot Prize in Communication, Excellence in History, Merits in Biology, Drama); Marco Seifert-Simpson (Merit in Materials Technology (Wood)); Jessie SIMS (Excellence in Materials Technology (Fabric)); Tegan Sinclair (Merit in Photography); Josef Stadler-Reid (Year 13 Certificate); Tyler Stenton (Senior Boys Cross Country Champion, Excellence in Digital Technology); Rosie Sullivan (Year 13 Certificate); Zen Teasdale (Year 13 Certificate); Mikayla Templeton (Year 13 Certificate); Shannon Thorsnes (The Choreography Award); Roseamanda van der Linde (Margaret Doudney Award for Excellence in Painting, Excellence in Geography, Merits in English, Statistics); George Vella-King (Old Boys Hockey Club Award); Rhiannon Warren (Cup for Scholarship in Literature); Alexander Woolrych (Merits in Biology, English, Media Studies, Physics); Cody Young (Year 13 Certificate); 

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