Year 12 PE Coaching Trip to North East Valley Normal School

By Ibrahim Mohamed | Posted: Thursday November 14, 2013

On Friday 25 October, the Year 12 P.E class went to North East Valley Normal School. We went there as part of our leadership internal worth four credits.

This trip really gave us the opportunity to experience how it was like to lead and mentor different groups of kids. The day started with the children being split into nine groups, coinciding with the nine different pairs of leaders. When we started with our first groups, the challenge of leading the children would become apparent. I remember thinking we were in for a long day.
I remember feeling pressured to stick to my plan I had set out and almost felt like it was a job. As the day went on and we had gotten into the groove, it could be seen that we as leaders were a bit more relaxed and didn’t really feel burdened since we gradually gained confidence. The kids we took were really awesome. There was a whole range of different kids, some shy, some energetic and some just that little bit crazy. It was quite the challenge adapting our teaching styles to the different types of students we had encountered.
This trip really gave us an insight into what it’s like to be the top dog. I personally gained a whole new level of respect for teachers and how they adapt and do their jobs so effectively. With awesome kids and easy going children, this day really was quite special.

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