Aoraki House Report

By Paul Fielding | Posted: Wednesday January 1, 2014

Taieri Mouth is too dangerous for swimming at House day! was what the lifesavers told PEF.

Our leader convinced them it would be fine as he had scouted out a lovely spot to swim beside the domain, which was very tame and safe. And so it proved to be. So for the eighth year in a row Aoraki set off to a new House Day location, Taieri Mouth.

With three lifeguards as protection and a glorious sunny sky above, we made the forty minute trip to Taieri Mouth, which turned out to be a most idyllic spot. Once an overly enthusiastic and friendly dog had been dealt with, we settled down to the usual activities of group chants, sand castles, sports rotation, BBQ, tug of war, swimming and House Photo on the beach.

Athletics Day was less successful as we slipped from second to fourth due to poor participation levels which meant we missed out on 130 points.

Dodgeball was looking great till the finals, when the venue was changed to the gym and Omimi pipped us narrowly for the banner.

Cross country showed good levels of interest and we ended up second behind Toroa.

The years’ highlight had to be the indoor rowing, in which Aoraki won two races and came second in one other, to claim the Challenge Cup for the first time. The races were really close and the superb preparation, training and organisation shown by organisers Oliver Eden-Mann, George Vella-King and Malakai Mamaaloa, helped to gain the victory.

House spirit is very strong and we look forward to a great year in 2015 with our newly elected leaders Jacobi Kohu-Morris and Pippi Miller. Our thanks go to our departing leaders Peter Molteno and Helen Prime.

Now where will House Day be in 2015?

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