Mr Enright invited to launch of NCEA History Guide

By Jane Johnson | Posted: Tuesday July 1, 2014

Paul Enright (Head of Social Sciences at Logan Park High School) and Lara Hearn (ex-LPHS student and currently teacher at Queens' High School) were invited by Pita Sharples (Minister of Maori Affairs) to the national launch of the NZ secondary schools' History Teaching and Learning Guide for NCEA, which Paul and Lara co-wrote for the Ministry of Education.

It was also the launch of several Maori resources for schools called the Tikanga-a-Iwi. The event was held at Auckland Central School in June.

Also launched was their NCEA Level 1 Unit on an investigation of an historical event or place of significance to New Zealanders, in this case a study of Te Maiharoa, a Maori prophet, pacifist and protestor about Ngai Tahu land issues in the 19th century. Lara and Paul will continue to write more such resources for NZ secondary school teachers of History.