Interhouse Indoor Rowing

By Scott Bayne | Posted: Wednesday November 20, 2013

This years annual Inter-House indoor rowing competition took place in Term 4 in October. Last years competition was won by Toroa by 6 points, and the competition was expected to be as fierce as it was last year.

As with last year, there were teams for junior and senior, male and female from each House. Each team of 4 rowers having to row 500m each. The aim, other than to win for their House was to also try and beat Mahé Drysdale’s Olympic Gold winning time of 6:57.82 for 2000m for the males, and Emmas Twigg's 4th place  time at the 2102 Olympics of 08:01.76 for the girls teams. 

This year’s competition once again used top of the range technology to link our concept rowers together so a virtual boat could be viewed by everyone on a huge screen in the auditorium. Also, like last year, every student put their bodies to the test and gave it everything for their House and glory. In some cases, walking away was not an option as simply standing was often too much to ask these athletes. Each event was a great race and some were not decided until the last few metres. In the end however, there can be only one winner, or can there? The final results saw Aoraki and Omimi share the highest number of points but on count back, Omimi snatched victory, and therefore the House trophy from Aoraki due to winning two races more.

Final results were:

1st           Omimi            30pts

2nd          Aoraki             30pts

3rd           Toroa              26pts

4th           Clayton           18pts  

Junior Boys

1st           Omimi 07:14.8 New Record!

2nd          Aoraki 07:27.14

3rd           Toroa 08:02.6

4th           Clayton 08:32.4

Junior Girls

1st           Omimi 08:09.6  New Record!

2nd          Aoraki 08:29.0

3rd           Clayton 09:36.4

4th           Toroa DNS

Senior Girls

1st           Toroa 07:55.5

2nd          Aoraki 08:46.0

3rd           Omimi 09:36.0

4th           Clayton DNS

Senior Boys

1st           Toroa 06:40.3

2nd          Clayton 06.48.1

3rd           Aoraki 06:57.8

4th           Omimi 07:15.9

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