Music Department Report

By John Dodd | Posted: Thursday May 26, 2016

The Music department has moved to our new home, in the area which had previously been the school library.

This space has now been refigured to incorporate two large rooms, five smaller rehearsal spaces, a recording studio area, and office and storage rooms. One of the large rooms is designated as a performance/rehearsal area and incorporates a stage. The other is the teaching space and includes a computer suite. The architects and builders have all worked miracles in here and the students and teachers are very much enjoying the enhanced facility. Some of the attached photos were taken in the week prior to our move when the look was still one of a building site, but they give you a sense of the space we now have. Other photos are of the school orchestra’s first rehearsal in the venue.

If anybody has a spare sofa they would be able to donate it would be well utilized in the foyer area and much appreciated. We could arrange collection.

Our year is normally very busy from go to whoa however we are currently in the midst of the very silly season as our choir puts in final preparation for the annual Big Sing competition, a myriad of rock groups prepare for Rockquest, seven chamber music groups are rehearsing (twice a week each) for the CMNZ competition in early June, and the orchestra and jazz band prepare repertoire for upcoming events.  The orchestra is undertaking two days of local gigs at the end of this term, the jazz band is travelling to Christchurch in early August to compete in the CPIT Jazzquest.    All this and the shift as well……..

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