Wakamatsu High School exchange

By Cathi Graham | Posted: Thursday November 21, 2013

It was great to welcome six students from Wakamatsu High School. Students from the school have been visiting Logan Park for several years. It is wonderful to have such a close sister school relationship with this school in Chiba.

The students do some English classes at the University of Otago Language school for a couple of weeks then come to Logan Park for a few days for a taste of school life.

From the first, they did their best to communicate and when they couldn’t find the words, they used sign language, which caused a lot of laughter. It was also a great experience for the buddies who had the chance to learn a little about Japan and to make friendships they can continue on facebook

This year was especially nice to welcome Shiori for the second year in a row. She also hosted Pepa Belton when she visited Wakamatsu High School for a short exchange at the end of 2012.

When I visited Wakamatsu later in the year I was given such a warm and friendly welcome by the staff and teachers and all the students still at school who have visited Logan Park in the past.

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