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By Runa Falanitule, Jaren Roy, Katalina Ahokovi, Oliv | Posted: Thursday November 14, 2013

A word from our coaches and players:

Y10 B Girls 

Coaching the Junior Girls B! What a blast! Every week the girls performed the best they could and gave it 110%. It was nice to see that they were willing to learn and improve their skills. Although the team did not win many games, the girls' spirit was still strong. I was impressed with their commitment and competitiveness they brought this year. I look forward to balling with these girls next year!

The team consists of: Maria Larsen (Captain), Beka Dobson, Jesye-Lea Hunt, Aditia Hasib, Aina Pardas, Ella Bendall, Ola Szukiel – Deans, Kaycee Barnes

Runa Falanitule

Y9 Girls

This season has been hard but a great experience for our team from our games through to our practices, and the funny incidents that have happened along the way. Although we were often beaten my large margins we never gave up, and always had lots of fun playing. My highlights were when my shoe came off halfway through a game, and how loud we were at cheering “Logan Park is cool!” I would like to thank Lena and her mum for transporting us to and from basketball games and the encouragement and support from my teammates.

I would like to thank my coach Grace for being at games. Lastly a big thank you to our manager Miss Calnan for teaching us skills and knowledge about basketball in our early morning practices.
By Katalina Ahokovi

The team consisted of: Danielle Bruce, Charlotte Dickie, Amelia Seales, Jacqui Campbell- Read, Aria Nader-Turner, Katalina Ahokovi, Lena McNaughton, Lilly Clinch and India Lillis. Coached by Grace Harwood

Junior Boys Maroon
Oliver Edan- Mann
As the coach for the Junior Boys’ Maroon basketball team at Logan Park High School this year I feel that the team have done really well this season. They have progressed as a team and showed great interpersonal skills on and off the court. Although they did not win a game they still came extremely close numerous times and had a fun and enjoyable season. Being a Y11 student myself, coaching was quite a big thing to take on, on top of NCEA and everyday life. But it was still a very beneficial and rewarding thing to do. Coaching developed my time management skills and leadership skills.
It is really good to see how much the boys have improved since the start of the season through their team work and improvement in individual skills. I have had the privilege of seeing them go from individuals to a team. By the end of the season, they played as a team, which was a fantastic thing to see. I really enjoyed going to a practice and seeing the team putting in 100% and really wanting to improve and learn, and then going to the game on Friday and seeing the boys putting into play what they had learnt in practice. I have really enjoyed coaching this year and I really hope the boys enjoyed playing.
The team consisted of:
Felix Hunt, Panashe Gwarara, Stephen Dassen, Alex McMillian, Ben Deaker, Owen George, Luca Hapuka, Brendan Hassall, Lakeem Brydon, Isaac Francis, Daniel Marsh. Coached by Oliver Edan- Mann and Jake Hall

Junior Boys Black
I think the Junior Boys Black team went really well this season, everyone was positive and dedicated right from the get-go. We had a 100% turnout to almost all of our practices. The season started off a little scratchy where we were still finding our feet, but when we were on form, we were competing with the best teams in the league. The team ended up placing 5th, just missing out on a playoff spot. But all in all, the team gelled well together, they all fought hard and everyone improved a lot. Hopefully everyone will continue to play again next year! It would be great to see some new faces.
Jaren Roy
The team consisted of:
Jet Buckmaster, Kyle Cairns, Daniel Clayton, Tarren Loughran, David Spencer, Grant McNaughton, Eli Pearson, Oliver Molteno. Coached by Jordan Hibbard and Jaren Roy

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