Basketball Teams Overview

By Jordan Hibbard, Angela Wilson and Danielle Calnan | Posted: Thursday November 14, 2013

This year LPHS had some great basketball teams who all played well and had very exciting seasons.

The Senior A boys' team finished 10th in the Senior A grade competition this year, which was an improvement on last year's results. They got to enjoy having Gabriel Custro, a former “All Uruguay” under 16 Representative in our team this year who was a great scorer, rebounder and passer. Sadly Gabriel missed the final games of the season, as he had to return home. This year was a development year with a young and less experienced team. The team had a core group of Year 11 students including Jake Hall, Oliver Eden-Mann, Max Scott and Caleb Henman, all of whom developed more confidence with every game. They were joined by Otago Representatives Jaren Roy (Year 10) and Jordan Hibbard (Year 13) who made a massive contrubtion to the team throughout the season, getting buckets and dropping dimes all season long. The modest two wins the team had were not an accurate representation of how competitive the team was and how hard the team played in every game.

The Senior B Boys welcomed back ex-student Braden Griffiths to coach the Basketball team this year. He coached the same group he had in 2012, so was able to continue to develop the team's individual skills and team work. The boys were challenged in their first year in the Senior Competition, but never gave up throughout the season.

The Senior A Girls' Basketball team were plagued with injuries this season. Unfortunately this made it very difficult to field a team each week. We also had Delia Rutimann and Sofia Cucchetti leave us to return home after a one year exchange at Logan Park. Even facing adversity and difficulties the core group of students, including Runa Falanitule, Polly Kennedy, Yuri Kitabi, Sarah Wilson and Abby Wolfe worked hard to keep the team going. This shows the determination and motivation they have. Supporting the Senior A girls, Year 10 students Erica Stedman and Kate Denys stepped up to the challenge of the Senior A Grade competition. The team had some great wins, and some close losses, ending the season in 5th Place.

Senior B Girls - This year I managed the Senior B Girls' Basketball Team which was made up of mainly international students from Japan, Germany and Austria and some Kiwi girls who joined our team later on. Although we didn't win many games this season, we had a great time playing and for many of the girls, it was their first time playing basketball. We all had a lot of fun and I am looking forward to next year's season and getting more girls involved.
Angela Wilson

Team lists:
Senior A Boys - Jordan Hibbard, Max Scott, Caleb Henman, Jacob Hall, Oliver Eden-Mann, Zane Clifton-Clark, Ayden Watt, Jaren Roy, and Dorje Passang. Coached by Chris Roy.

Senior A Girls - Abby Wolfe, Polly Kennedy, Sarah Wilson, Sophia Cucchetti, Dehlia Rutimann, Runa Falanitule, Yuri Kitaba, Karen Penaia and Amy Butterfield. Coached by Danielle Calnan

Senior B Boys - Poutama Crossman-Nixon, Perry Scott, Sidney Lee-Cottle, Kent Gould, Jude Graham, Tait Familton, Brendon Leonard, Josh Tree, Ezra King, Ian Kelly-hendrick. Coached by Braden Griffiths

Senior B Girls - Sophie Schwarzkopf, Anna Hareter, Yuna Kawanishi, Shiori Ito, Antonia Rolf, Marla Steuer, Clara Ballas , Akari Okawa, Haruka Ibori, Tayla Hohaia, Lisa Turner, Ashleigh Hutton, Sarah Pringle, Pamella Manique, Evalotte Kubala, Anna Wettoer, Stephanie Etumyrn and Macaela Prosser. Coached by Yuri Kitabi and Tayla Hohaia. Managed by Angela Wilson.

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