French 2013

By Barbara Fitzsimons | Posted: Thursday November 21, 2013

We have had a great year in the classroom with students setting goals and making choices with their own learning styles, in a framework of high academic achievement.

We have had highlights this year such as our success at Year Nine in the Alliance Française regional oral competition, with Desiree Heinz-Farrington gaining Second Prize and Rachel Molteno an Excellence Certificate, the university language and culture quiz, and the occasional French breakfast.

 Another highlight is ex-students furthering their passion for French. Niall Campbell left Year 12 at the end of last year to do a year’s exchange in France, and Steph Speirs, who left at the end of 2011, has just found a position sailing in France, pursuing her twin passions for French and sailing!

For me however the greatest highlight is the daily feedback from students showing that they are achieving in and enjoying French, and the written feedback in their reviews and on the Language Perfect website.

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