Maths Department Competition Results 2014

By John Major | Posted: Wednesday January 1, 2014

The Maths Department has continued its excellent record of some outstanding achievements this year. Results of various competitions follow.

Australian Informatics Competition

Distinction Joseph Dewhirst, Ben Clayton, Ben Major, Jonty Horwell, Henri Gaudin, Grant McNaughton, David Spencer, Mathew Denys

Credit Miro McCaw, Helen Prime

Otago University Junior Maths Competition

Top 100 Henri Gaudin

Top 200 Grant McNaughton

Australian Maths Competition

High Distinction Henri Gaudin

Distinction Ben Major

Credit Danny Barton, Joseph Dewhirst, Louis Whitburn, Clair Caird, Grant McNaughton, David Spencer, Ruairi Griffin, Mathew Denys

ICAS Maths Competition

High Distinction Henri Gaudin

Distinction David Spencer

Credit Joseph Dewhirst, Louis Freeman, Calum Rogers, George Sabonadiere, Clair Caird, Desiree Heinze-Farrington, Ben Major, Louis Whitburn, Kate Denys, Grant McNaughton, Mathew Denys

Merit Bradley Yates, Cameron Bayne


Year 111st Henri Gaudin, David Spencer, Ruairi Griffin, Grant McNaughton, Kate Denys

Year 123rd Frances Barnett, Oisin Quinlan-Thompson, Tuhin Baucus, Aidan Braid, Luke Major