10L and 10M Camp

By Arnika Hazelwood | Posted: Wednesday June 25, 2014

The recent Year 10 camp was a great success, with over 50 students attending, including senior students.

Students participated in a range of activities, including abseiling, wall climbing, team building tasks, camp out, night walks, high ropes course, kayaking and the much anticipated mud walk.

Students got the chance to push themselves as they camped out in tents, sat and told stories around a camp fire, roasted marshmellows, cooked dinner, and walked around at night; through the bush, sometimes without torches!

A highlight for many was the mud walk, which consisted of them jumping into a pool of mud and getting to throw mud at each other, before squelching their way back to camp. 

A significant challenge for many was the abseiling and high ropes, where they had to face their fears and go over the edge of a high ledge, or move through the trees on a little rope, while putting their trust in the ropes and harnesses.

Teachers loved seeing their students in a new light, challenging themselves and working together to move outside of their comfort zones. 

It was an amazing experience for all and for many will be the highlight of the school year.

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