Get 2 Go Challenge

By Francine Vella | Posted: Wednesday January 1, 2014

On the 17th September the Sir Edmund Hilary Outdoor Pursuits Centre held the annual Otago/Southland Get 2 Go Challenge.

Two teams from Logan Park competed on the day. Teams were made up of four boys and four girls and the events we competed in were Mountain Biking, Orienteering, Kayaking and Problem Solving.

The weather on the day was not ideal with heavy rain at times but we were well prepared. Logan Park students were extremely positive despite the weather.

Out of 23 teams our number one team placed 5th and our development team was 11th. Overall we did well. Our highlights were our No. 1 team scoring a 100% on a challenging orienteering course and the development team coming in 4th place on the mountain biking. The students had a great day and the Yr 9's are keen to compete again next year.

Team one: Fraser Braid, Luca Hapuku, Daniel Marsh, Harrison Starkey, Jenna McNaughton, Lena McNaughton, Aria Nader-Turner, Rosa Miles-Seeley.

Team two: Joseph Dewhirst, Leila East-Giles, Matthew Hendriks, Shiloh Holman, Mary Locker, Theo Molteno, Molly Morley, Calum Rogers.

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