Toitu and Robbie Burns Song Writing Competition Winners

By Oscar Holmes | Posted: Friday February 14, 2014

At the end of 2013 students were given the opportunity to enter the Toitu, Robbie Burns Song Writing Competition.

Mr Dodd offered the challenge to his classes who thoroughly enjoyed themselves, some of whom decided to enter. Will Dwyer (singer), Oscar Holmes (pianist) and Alex McMillan (Guitarist) formed a group and wrote a great, competition winning song.

Many groups from around Dunedin entered including some other Logan Park teams; Jimmy and the Stale Fingers (Jimmy Robinson, Oliver Moltino, Oliver Robson, Florence Sorrel and Jasper Holloway) and Carmen and Olly (Carmen Hienz-Farrington and Olly Mammitzch).

The winning song (in the junior category) won them an entire day at a recording studio, three usb hardrives, a 1tb external hardrive, $1400 to spend at Twang Town music store and also a number of cd’s. It was based on their interpretation of the poem “A Mans A Man For All That”. They were even given the opportunity to perform in the Octagon on the 25th of January (Robbie Burns' Birthday) and also again in the evening at Toitu.