Library 2015

By Jenny Millar | Posted: Sunday November 8, 2015

2015 has been a year of change for the library with planning for the new library space and a lot of weeding and recycling of old books in preparation for the move to a smaller space.

Year 9 students have proposed ideas for the refurbishment during their Term 3 research assignment so the new library will be colourful and I hope comfortable with more soft seating and less tables, all mobile. We are looking forward to a new modern learning environment.

We continue to have a great selection of fiction for readers of all abilities and have all the national and international award winners and many on the short lists. We have another magazine, Frankie added to our collection and the magazine use is constantly reviewed to make sure we have what students want.

During the University Book Club Reading Challenge 77 students reached their goal and were rewarded with UBS vouchers and sweets.

Special prizes were awarded to:

9M - Top Reader – Rammy El Dessouky. Highly Commended - Hannah Colson, Caspian Ferens, Aliya Prasad

9G - Top Reader – Emmanuel Wong. Highly Commended - Josie Baughen, Samuel Knudson, Zakk Marsh, Violet McGlynn-Cole, Eamon Wilson

9J- Top Reader –Emily Proctor. Highly Commended – Hannah Mitchell, Tyranny Sutherland

9L - Top Reader – Violet Gallop who was Champion Reader overall.

Highly Commended – Annie Kennedy Atchison, Olivia Bradfield, Rosa Miller, Cameron James-Pirie