Senior O'MAthalon

By John Major | Posted: Friday August 14, 2015

On Monday 11 August Logan Park hosted the Number Work'nWords Senior O'Mathalon.

Thirty teams of 4 senior students from around Dunedin and as far away as Lawrence competed for the inaugural Senior O'MAthalon trophy. The evening was run using a "Pub Quiz" format. There was a ponderous puzzle, ‚Äčthe List and 6 rounds of Mathematical questions, puzzles and other problem solving challenges. 

"Dwarf Shortage," a Year 12 team consisting of Kate Denys, Grant McNaughton, Henri Gaudin and David Spencer came 3rd. "Ctrl Alt Defeat," featuring Ben Clayton, Louis Whitburn, Tarren Loughran and Ben Major finished 6th and "Foxy Foxes," Ahi Kaitai-Mullane, Clair Caird, Rachael Molteno and Jenna McNaughton back in the pack. 

Question tasters: 1. Name 10 mathematical words that start with "a" or "i" and end in a vowel. 2. How many times greater is the probability of randomly throwing an equal number of heads and tails with 4 coins than it is to throw all tails with 3 coins?  3. Is it possible to find 5 numbers that have a mode of 4, a mean of 5 and a median of 6?

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