Clayton Head Boy

By Philip Cadzow | Posted: Thursday November 14, 2013

I've greatly enjoyed being Head Boy of Clayton this year.

We have given great efforts to all the House competitions – ranging from the cross country (which we won! It was amazing!) to rowing where people had trouble walking afterward. We have had a few events within the House; the House Day which featured a lovely trip out to Aramoana for a day chilling on the grass field and swimming in the sea; also some sand castle building, one of the castles had a lot of dragging very heavy stones to make a volcano, another was a beautiful starfish and yet another was a mermaid with a willing person half buried. House assemblies had some competitions as well; a chubby wubby contest, where one student selected from each group had to fit as many marshmellows in their mouth as they could to win some chocolate bars, 1/3 was the winner. A tower building competition out of newspaper and tape, the group with the tallest got a huge bag of lollies. It seems all the inter group contests were motivated in some ways by sweets.

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