China Trip

By Mikayla Templeton | Posted: Friday September 26, 2014

I was chosen to go to Shanghai to represent Dunedin with 4 other students and a teacher.

The flight to Shanghai seemed to be extremely long and it felt like we would never arrive, but once we did we were greeted with hot weather.  We were so excited we didn't seem to mind; it was a nice change from Dunedin’s cold weather!

We took a bus back to the campus we were staying on and the adventure started from there.  We met with all the other people from different countries and we spent two weeks with these people and became a family.  

 We did a few tourist attractions, including  visiting the Oriental Pearl Tower, Shanghai Ocean Aquarium and doing a river boat cruise.   

We visited a water town city and we spent 4 hours a day learning Chinese and learning about the culture. I never realized how advanced in technology China was compared to New Zealand.

I loved the trip and I'd recommend this trip to anyone who is able to do it.  You make friends and memories to last a lifetime. 

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