17 NZQA Scholarships awarded to LPHS students.

By Arnika Hazelwood | Posted: Sunday February 15, 2015

Congratulations to our fabulous NZQA Scholarship recipients. We got 17 scholarships across a range of subjects including Drama, English, Media Studies, History, Physics, Biology, Statistics and German.

The scholarships reward the top 2-5% of students in New Zealand.
Josephine Devereux got an Outstanding Scholarship in Drama and one in History. Jacobi Kohu-Morris got an Outstanding Scholarship in History as a Year 12 student. Charlie Hilton got 3 scholarships in English, History and Media Studies. Connor Seddon got 2 scholarships in Media Studies and Drama. Mathew Denys got 2 scholarships in Biology and Physics. Tuhin Baucus, scholarship in English from Year 12, Kyra Gillies, scholarship in Drama, Evalotte Kubala, scholarship in German, Raven Mackenzie, scholarship in Statistics, Kairangi Ratapu Moss, scholarship in Media Studies, Saskia Rushton-Green, scholarship in Drama, and Alexander Woolrych, scholarship in English.

The school held a celebratory morning tea to congratulate these outstanding top scholars. 

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