Sprouts Enviro Club

By Roseamanda van der Linde | Posted: Tuesday November 19, 2013

Even though we have greatly missed our inspiring Year 13 leaders from 2012, the passion from us never died as the younger members of the Logan Park High School Environmental Group continued on their legacy into the new year brimming with exciting ideas on how we could make 2013 an even better one, with an already early on mural promised to be continued along the back of the canteen, to be painted this summer.

I had the amazing opportunity to be able to attend an EnviroSchool's hui on Quarantine Island this year, where I got to meet and form valuable relationships with the inspirational young leaders and the friendly EnviroSchool's coordinators of Dunedin, where I again became full of ideas for our group's future. I also was one of 50 of 200 applicants to be selected to attend a life-changing Youth Enviro Leader's Forum in Christchurch this year, where I had an unforgettable experience, learning an immense amount about the issues of water management in Canterbury and the sustainable rebuilding of Christchurch. I will never forget sharing the experience with the most amazing young environmental leaders in New Zealand that I have ever met, as well as the environmental scientists, leaders and the other people that were there. We were entitled enough to hear from inspiring people such as Amy Adams, the Minister for the Environment and Bob Parker, the mayor of Christchurch, as well as have them listen to us about our views on the environment. I will also never forget the unique, privileged experiences that I had there, such as water rafting, getting a tour of the red-zone and having the special opportunity to plan the rebuild of the city with the Christchurch City Council. 

The trip and everyone there filled me and our group with so much passion for this year and the next, where we will always be open to new members to be part of our environmental group.

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