By Dianne Rooney | Posted: Thursday November 12, 2015

Logan Park is a school that includes a diverse range of nationalities. Besides our ESOL students we have a growing number of students who were born overseas and have now chosen New Zealand in which to settle.

They come from countries such as China, Thailand, Vietnam, Ethiopia, India and Brazil. This year we were lucky to have three students from India, three from Japan and one from Brazil.

For four years Logan Park High School has been involved with ELLINZ / ACELL which is an online programme designed for students from year 7 - 13 to improve their English skills.  We are based in the ESOL classroom where we have three skype classes a week with our E teacher, Justine from Christchurch, plus five follow up classes with E tutor Dianne.

Our students are all very keen to learn English in order to live, work and study in New Zealand. Some students have never used a computer until they come to Logan Park High School but we soon assist them to become as computer literate as any other Kiwi student. I feel very privileged to be part of this class because as I help them learn English I learn about the different parts of the world they come from. It is truly a journey of discovery for everyone!