International Students Mori Class

By Judith Nassua | Posted: Saturday November 23, 2013

During our lessons with Mr Winiata we learned a lot about Mori culture, music and Mori art as well as how their lives used to be before Europeans arrive in New Zealand.

We also enjoyed learning the haka and a little bit of Te Reo, the language, which is really beautiful.

Carving is another Māori art and we learned how to use drills and all the gear In the woodwork room to make toanga - which is like jewellery with Māori designs, including pendants and earrings which we will be able to take home to our own countries. We also learned flax weaving from Lucy and made flowers and fish mobiles.

We also each made a purerehua  – a bull roarer, which makes an amazing sound, which we can also take home and show our friends.

Sadly we didn’t have time to learn much more, but we will have very good memories of the fun we had learning about Māori life in Aotearoa.

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