Basketball at Logan Park

By Various | Posted: Wednesday January 1, 2014

This year was another fantastic year for Basketball at Logan Park High School.

The number of participants and teams grew, with a number of players taking on leadership roles within teams, through coaching and managing. There were a number of people that led to the success of teams this year, including coaches: Jason Frost, Abby Wolfe, Angela Wilson, Chris Roy, Erica Stedman, Kate Denys, Amelia Seales, Jacob Hall, Josh Tree and Jack Fraser. Without these managers and coaches, being able to sustain 11 teams (92 players) across Junior and Senior teams would have been impossible.

The 2014 season was by far the most successful we have had at LPHS in a few years. With increased participation, increased student leadership, increased parent support, increased student commitment and motivation to the game of Basketball. Due to this, we had a number of teams finish in Top 5 in their grade, with the Senior A girls making the semi-finals. Congratulations to all those involved this year!

— Mrs Frost

2014 Basketball Team lists

Senior A Boys

  • Jaren Roy
  • Grant McNaughton
  • David Spencer
  • Oliver Molteno
  • Alex McMillan
  • George Maclaurin
  • Kan Nishida
  • Oliver Edan – Mann
  • Felix Hunt
  • Max Scott
  • Panashe Gwavava
  • Eli Pearson

Senior A Girls

  • Kate Denys
  • Erica Stedman
  • Shania Quinn
  • Tayla Ward
  • Emma Hamilton
  • Matilda Macandrew
  • Runa Falanitule
  • Nakita Reihana

Senior Boys B

  • Josh Tree
  • Brendan Leonard
  • Perry Scott
  • Jude Graham
  • Kent Gould
  • Poutama Crossman Nixon
  • Caleb Henman
  • Jake Hall
  • Ezra King

Senior Boys C

  • Jack Fraser
  • Ibrahim Mohamed
  • Peter Molteno
  • Kan Nishida
  • Malakai Maamaloa
  • Murilo Gamborgi
  • Ben Cravens
  • Riley Fraser

Senior Girls B

  • Jesye Lea Hunt
  • Beka Dobson
  • Shylo Moana
  • Rythm Moana
  • Jazz Ryan
  • Maria Larsen
  • Brianna Palin
  • Ngapera Andrews

Senior Girls C

  • Ola Szukiel
  • Aditia Hasib
  • Aina Pardas
  • Aglima PokiPoki
  • Paloma Silva
  • Akari Okawa
  • Evalotte Kubala
  • Mayu Watarai
  • Stefaniya Etoumian

Junior A Girls

  • Aria Nader-Turner
  • Charlotte Dickie
  • Abby Spronken
  • Lena McNaughton
  • Jenna McNaughton
  • Tarryn Tree
  • Danielle Bruce
  • Amelia Seales

Junior B Girls

  • Rachael Molteno
  • Jacqui Campbell-Read
  • India Lillis
  • Siobhann Quinn
  • Katalina Ahokovi
  • Emma Samuels
  • Memariee Hutana – Middleton
  • Ngawai Wetere

Junior C Girls

  • Amanda Harris
  • Soraya hunt
  • Jess Whittle
  • Hayley Bishop
  • Sofia Barriga
  • Zoe Degas
  • Rosa Miles-Seeley

Junior A Boys

  • Tarren Loughran
  • Joseph Dewhirst
  • Jim Pearson
  • Theo Molteno
  • Jet Buckmaster
  • Cyprus Nitis
  • Daniel Clayton
  • Rueben Bosworth
  • Jesse McKersey
  • Benny Holloway

Senior A Girls Basketball

We had a really good season this year. We came 3rd in our grade having an unfortunate loss to Lawrence Gold, in the semi-finals, with a score of 28–26. We had many talented people in our squad this year who worked really hard to improve and it was really good seeing everyone improving as a team. We had three girls in our team who trialled for the U17 Otago team, they trialled successfully and made it onto the team. The only downside to this season was losing a few of our players to injuries which proved to deplete our numbers rapidly, meaning we only had six players for the last few games. It was really good having so many dedicated people in our team this year.  We all got on really well and are looking forward to developing as a team in the future.

— Erica and Kate

Y10 B Girls Basketball team

This year our basketball team didn’t start off too well, we had a diverse group of players, a large number of whom started playing basketball for the first time this year. Our first practice together went well, all of us were doing what our coaches were telling us to do and we also did it well. We lost a lot of games towards some schools around Dunedin. As the season progressed, we were more motivated to win a game. This paid off, and we ended the first season with our first win! A BIG thanks to our amazing coaches Erica Stedman and Kate Denys for putting up with us and also giving up their time to coach us.

— Memorie Middleton and Emma Samuels

Junior Girls C team

The Junior Girls C team was a mix of Year 9 and 10 students who hadn't really played much basketball before. For the first few games most of us were quite nervous and didn't really put ourselves out there because we were afraid of making mistakes. Over time we got more confident and grew as a team thanks to the support of our coaches, in particular Amelia Seales. Learning a new sport can be challenging but by the end of the season we were all competent players. We also learned about each other's capabilities and had fun playing basketball and helping each other improve. On top of that we got to know each other, form new friendships and strengthen existing ones. We also got a couple wins over the season which we were very happy about!

— Jess Whittle

Senior A Boys Basketball

This year's team was a vast improvement on 2013’s team. A few core players had been involved over the last couple of years with a large part of the team being made up of new and developing players. This provided a challenge for new coach Jason Frost. But due to the increased number of committed players involved that wanted to improve their skills and develop as a team there was much success had by the team. We managed to make it all the way to semi-finals in which we were upset by a team we had beaten earlier in the season. Despite the disappointing end to the season, throughout the year it went very well. As long as we continue to have a good turnout next year, there are promising futures ahead for us.

— Jaren Roy

Junior A Boys Basketball  

The Junior A Boys Basketball team had a great season. It started off slightly slow, as we hadn’t played together before and we were getting used to each others strengths and weaknesses. Before long we were having a blast with our coach Chris Roy. Throughout the season we had some great wins that the whole team enjoyed. At the end of the season we wished it wasn’t over we were having such a great time. Overall, it was a fun season; we had opportunities to meet new people and increase our skills and confidence in Basketball.

— Jim Pearson and Theo Molteno

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