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By Barbara Fitzsimons | Posted: Thursday November 21, 2013

2013 has been a busy year in French, Latin, Mandarin and Te Reo Maori with classes actively immersing themselves in listening, speaking, reading, writing and culture. We have also had students learning German and Spanish through distance learning.

Significant features of language learning this year have been the active use of IT through video recording of conversations and presentations, and widespread use of the Internet site “Language Perfect.“  In  the “Language Perfect World Championships”  we had many high fliers with David Prime receiving an Elite Award, eight students receiving Gold awards, Linda Van der Linde, Ben Clayton, Maria Larsen, Lydie Leurquin, Abigail Nardo, Katharine Woolrych and Briana Buijck, one Silver award to Cameron Bayne, eight Bronze awards and nine Credits.

We also had a great success in winning First Prize in the annual Culture Quiz organised by the Language faculty at the university. Our young Year 10 team of Lydie Leurquin, Ava Straw, Sophie Raab, Katharine Woolrych and Clare Gorman, was up against teams of all ages which made victory all the sweeter. Thanks to Paola and Christianne for their help.  Much culture was absorbed and food consumed!   

Our classroom learning in languages has a strong emphasis on active cooperative learning of language and culture, through interactive activities, traditional games and in Maori, waiata, haka and harakeke (flax weaving).

It is fantastic to see Te reo and Tikanga Maori further embedded in the school for example our mihi whakatau welcoming the ERO team, International visitors and school exchanges.

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