Best School Film Team in Otago

By Arnika Hazelwood | Posted: Wednesday October 26, 2016

The Dandy Lions once again won Best School Team in the Otago 48 Hour Film Competition and they were second overall in the whole competition.

Grant McNaughton won Best Actor award again this year and Matilda MacAndrew and Ola Szukiel were nominated for editing and cinematography awards with Ola also nominated for a Best Actress award.

The genre the team received was "lovers on the run," with the lines, "one more time," wool as a prop and the shot, rack focus. The team was: Ola Szukiel, Matilda MacAndrew, Grant McNaughton, Ruari Warren, David Prime, Oscar LaDell and Oscar Holmes. 

 Another Logan Park team, Woof Bloody Woof were also City finalists and nominated for cinematography awards and best school team award. The competition was held in September with screenings and awards announced in October.

Many other Logan Park students entered this year and had a great weekend of film making!

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