Art Department Report

By Don Mackenzie (HOD) | Posted: Friday November 15, 2013

Claude Monet was once described as "an eye, but what an eye!" The LPHS Art Department similarly has been described as "an Art Department, but what an Art Department!" We wallowed in the reflected fame of Bene Stewart's folio making it into the Top Folio travelling exhibition. We also relished the Photography NCEA Scholarship gained by Emelia Mixter. Sequoia Cunningham and Pepa Belton have both won lucrative scholarships to study Art at the Otago Polytechnic School of Art.

This year's Seniors worked like Trojans to present us with exciting folios and we await the results in a high state of positive anticipation. This year began with a trial two day 'camp' at the Dunedin Public Art Gallery. The Year Thirteen Painters based in the Gallery, produced a variety of studies using the Gallery as a resource.

The Curators' club continued to host provocative exhibitions. A near life sized tardis constructed by Clare Gorman and Katharine Woolrych caused a sensation when it went on display.

A first for us was a posting for a Monash University teacher trainee. Julie Battisti brought an interesting Australian perspective to the Art Department.

Senior students continued to make good use of the evening classes at the School of Art.

Numerous students from the Department were regular visitors to the city galleries.

We were well served by our four Art prefects, Meg, Courtney, Anika and Sequoia.

Class sizes have remained full and while this produces logistical problems it does ensure a full and busy Art Department.   

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