Aoraki House report

By Paul Fielding | Posted: Tuesday November 19, 2013

Well it has been another great year for Aoraki. We may not have carried away any of the cups or trophies but House spirit was always high. Our Year 13s worked superbly as a team and organised all the activities required of them enthusiastically throughout.

The year started with peer support training and buddying up with our new year 9’s. Through a variety of games and activities the seniors and juniors bonded quickly.

House Day was a risky experiment from Mr Fielding! Could we all fit onto MacAndrew Bay domain and their little beach in full view of the locals and not be a nuisance to the community, as well as completing all our regular activities and be allowed to go to the shop! The answer was yes, and a lovely hot summer’s day led to a great event all round. The swimming was safe and extended in time. The tug of war was, as always, great fun and the sports were successfully adapted to the limited space we had available. The locals commented on how lovely we all were and how it was great to see the beach so full. Many Aorakians, on the way back summed up the House Day as the best yet.

Athletics Day saw a wave of red dominate the stands and be prominent out on the track. Our chant was strong and all up a positive experience. However our athletes could not bring home a third victory in a row and Omimi came out deserving winners on the day.

Cross Country saw a solid second place and in the final Challenge Cup event of indoor rowing we scored three seconds to tie first equal with Omimi.

As our sporting prowess was waning it was evident that Aoraki was now becoming the Academic House. This was borne out at the senior prize giving where Aoraki gained the most awards and most subject Excellences for Year 11-13. And for 2014 Helen Prime, our new Head of House was named Head Girl for the whole School.

Overall another great year and our thanks go to our team leaders of Blake Mcalevey Scurr, Jasmine Seifert-Simpson, Macaela Prosser, Tane Menzies, Richard Brown, Poppy Johns and all the other Year 13’s who continue to make Aoraki such a wonderful House.

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