Tautuku Camp the highlight of Year 10

By Ava Straw | Posted: Tuesday November 19, 2013

Year 10 camp was my absolute highlight for year 10.

Sure, the teachers and classmates are interesting to an extent, but throwing snowballs at teachers (not naming anyone…….. Mr Biggin) watching my friends get hosed down by Dr T after swimming in the mud, sock fighting and simply having the best time ever doesn’t even compare. The drive to camp was smooth, but we were all hyped up by the time we arrived and sorted out our dorms. We were gathered around a huge fire and the rules were explained to us by the wonderful caretaker and the whole wacky science teacher team.

Later on we were taken to our first challenge, the terrifying confidence course. No, it wasn’t dangerous, but frightening none the less! Every night we would sit down at Hogwarts-like tables and eat surprisingly good food. On Tuesday, the first group that went on campout returned, a most complaining bunch of frozen ice cubes. We, however, ended up being much more comfortable, as we lit a big fire, just like in a movie, and played a ginormous game of mafia.

The Y13’s that accompanied us really made the experience incredible! The abseiling was a traumatic experience, what with Dr T and Mr Biggin being our supervisors! As a matter of fact they were both very supportive and played it safe with all of us. Dr Thomson RAN, not kidding!, face down the slope leaving the rope burning hot! That night we went to see glow worms – beautiful like stars up close.

To conclude, I was sad to leave Tautuku camp, and my only advice? BRING LOTS OF SOCKS you will need them!

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