Sir Peter Blake Trust YELF Youth Enviro Leaders Forum

By Aidan Braid | Posted: Sunday May 17, 2015

I was ecstatic to be selected as one of 52 students from all around New Zealand to attend the forum in Rotorua, completely sponsored by the trust, in the easter holidays.

It was an exceptional opportunity, tons of fun and very educational! The focus of the forum was fresh water management, based on the many lakes surrounding Rotorua and the work being done to improve or maintain the water quality.  

Many fantastic local organizations came and talked to us about the work they do and we debated about the environmental issues surrounding their work. We also did a media workshop and afterwards we did a great deal of speeches to many important people.

I had a great time learning loads about; the environmental issues confronting New Zealand and what we can do to help, the Sir Peter Blake Trust and its purpose, confronting the media and speaking publically, and the local success stories from Rotorua and all around New Zealand of conservation groups. Did you know that wild Kiwi could be extinct in the next 50 years? Or that close to 70,000 native birds die every day? There is so much work being done but it is not nearly enough. 

I met so many wonderful people who were all incredible and likeminded. I have been inspired to improve the Environmental Conservation Group at Logan Park and start working towards a better future!

Ka kite ano

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