Scholarship and Excellence NCEA Morning Tea

By Arnika Hazelwood | Posted: Sunday February 19, 2017

We hosted a special morning tea in February to celebrate outstanding success in NZQA exams.

Students who were awarded NCEA Excellence Endorsed Certificates and students who were successful in achieving national Scholarships were recognised and celebrated.

To achieve an NCEA Excellence Endorsed certificate, students needed to achieve at least 50 Excellence credits. Scholarship is regarded as the most prestigious secondary school award in the country and recognises the top 3-5% of students. According to NZQA it is "designed to extend the very best students and to financially reward those who are going on to full-time tertiary study in New Zealand."

Our students achieved 24 Scholarships, including 3 Outstanding Scholarships.

 Congratulations to: 

Bruno Willis 3 scholarships in Drama, Outstanding Scholarship in English, and Outstanding Scholarship in Photography. 

Henry Gaudin 3 scholarships in Calculus, Physics, Statistics.

Oscar La Dell 3 scholarships in Classics, Drama and English. 

Clare Gorman 2 scholarships in English and Media Studies. 

Ava Straw 2 scholarships in Drama and English.

Oscar McGuire 2 scholarships in English and History (as a Year 12 student). 

Maria Larsen Outstanding Scholarship in Biology. 

Reva Grills scholarship in Drama.

Carmen Heinze- Farrington scholarship in English.

Ahinata Kaitai-Mullane scholarship in Drama (as a Year 12 student). 

Susie LeBuffe scholarship in Photograhpy.

Grant McNaughton scholarship in Physics.

Emma O'Malley scholarship in Biology. 

Brianna Palin scholarship in English.

Ola Szukiel-Deans scholarship in Photography.

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