New Caledonia Host Families

By Isla, Loren and Evalotte | Posted: Thursday May 22, 2014

For nine nights of our New Caledonia trip we stayed with local families. We were put into groups of two or three students and each group had a different host family.

Some families were retired couples while others were young families with children. Our host family, consisting of Christian and Francoise, were a lovely welcoming couple and made us feel at home. Christian had a great sense of humour and was always laughing, teasing us and making jokes. Francoise was a wonderful cook and each night we were treated to a very generous and delicious traditional French four course meal; and of course, being French, every evening we had baguette and many different cheeses.

One of the highlights was that our house had a swimming pool; this got a lot of use at the end of the day after we had finished our French classes!

Most evenings were spent chatting and playing French board games with our host mum and dad. Both parents had some English but not a lot, so for the majority of time we spoke French with them. This was a great experience for us and we think that we all improved our French considerably.

Our "New Caledonian Family" made our stay very special and it was really sad to say Good Bye in the end.

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