International student outdoor experience - Milford Sound

By Marla Steuer & Antonia Rolf (GLS, Germany) | Posted: Saturday November 23, 2013

For our second trip in term one, we went to Milford Sound. We set off from school in three vans for Te Anau. After a long drive we finally arrived at our hostel, which had an awesome view of the lake.

We went to the local supermarket to buy food and then cooked dinner at the hostel.  After dinner, we went on a boat cruise across the lake to the glow worm caves. The cruise was great and stunning because of the beautiful landscape which was reflected in the water.

After learning about the glow worms and walking through the caves, we got in a small boat and drifted right into a small cave where there were millions of glow worms all around us. It was just breath taking!

The next day we drove to Milford Sound to go on another cruise through the sound to the sea. The scenery was amazing and the barbeque food was yummy. A highlight was seeing a huge waterfall.  According to a local legend, if you touch the water you will become ten years younger.

About halfway on the cruise we stopped at an underwater aquarium,  which was not as interesting and exciting as we thought it would be.  Then on the drive back we stopped for a walk through a forest with great stone formations.

On our way back to Dunedin the next day we stopped at one of the Great Walks, the Kepler Track and walked a little way into the forest.

We had a lot of fun and enjoyed the trip.

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