Itinerant Music Concert

By John Dodd | Posted: Saturday February 8, 2014

At 9am on Wednesday 5 February all Year 9 students were treated to a wonderful performance by the Itinerant Music teaching team as they demonstrated a wide range of instruments.

At Logan Park this year, 10 teachers will be administering instrumental tuition in pretty much all common instruments, within the structure of the normal school day. It is usual that over a hundred students access a weekly music lesson.

Sign up for the activity has been happening in week 2 and hopefully is now near to completion. Students wishing to learn an instrument, even if they are continuing on from last year, need to bring a form home to be read, signed, and returned to the Music Department before they can commence.

Tuition has commenced over the week from Monday 10 February.

We will also be commencing choir, jazz band and orchestra this week, and potential new participants are warmly encouraged to make themselves known. We are expecting to have a school camp at Tirohanga on the weekend of Friday 28 February – Sunday 2 March to enable early development of these three ensembles and foster the sense of music community.

If there are students who still wish to participate in music lessons but have not yet enrolled they should see Mr Dodd asap.

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