Term 4 Futsal

By Scott Bayne | Posted: Wednesday January 1, 2014

The Term 4 Futsal league proved to be one of great improvement since the Term1 league.

Every player showed a huge degree of improvement both in terms of personal skill and understanding with new fast and exciting moves now working very well for some teams. Of particular note were both of our Junior Boys' 2nd and 3rd teams now holding their own easily against other teams, and starting to beat those teams who had previously beaten them in Term 1. 

The Junior Boys' 1st team, after a slow start, and playing a new system with fast and exciting moves showed that Logan Park has the talent to beat any team. Their final game against King's, who had previously beaten them the month before 5-0, saw a different team take to the court. After a very exciting game which saw our players stay in the lead for the whole game, they eventually beat them 4-3. A great turn around. 

 Both of our Girls' teams played very well, with the LPHS 1 team only losing two games the whole term and our LPHS 2 team, never lost a game. The final against Kavanagh College was very tight, and although our girls showed a few nerves on the night, they stayed strong, kept the pressure on and won 1-0 to win the league. 

It's been great coaching these teams this year, if a little nerve racking at time. However, we will be back in action in Term 1 with some taking on the new challenge of senior futsal, while the juniors will continue to develop and build on their new skills and tactics. I would like to thank all the parents, Mr Major and Mr Govan for helping and supporting the players.