My year at the Services Academy

By Keith Huckle | Posted: Wednesday November 20, 2013

This year everyone was able to get their NCEA level 1, and or level 2. Also some level 3 credits by doing unit standards in careers and outdoor activities.

Some of my favourite highlights of the year would have to be:

  • The high ropes vertical swing which was a part of a course for confidence building at the Burnham Military camp. We completed a number of tasks on the course before we all got to climb up this pole around three storey’s high, then was attached to a wire by our harness on a swing. It was like free falling then getting thrown all the way back up.

  • White water rafting was great. To start the day we all jumped off a 6m rock face into the water, then completed six different challenges thoughout the day. This activity was probably my favourite thing we did in the year.

  • Rock climbing. We had a full week on rock climbing with the first two days learning theory in the classroom and three days of practical work outdoors. This was abseiling and rock climbing along different types of rock faces and heights.

This year has gone so fast, it feels like it has only just started, but we still have the coast to coast challenge to look forward to.