Pacific Island Pearls

By Karen Penaia | Posted: Wednesday November 20, 2013

The Pacific is the calm ocean washing on the smooth sand of the land. Pearls are the jewels of the ocean. We are the Pacific Island Pearls of Logan Park High School (Polynesian Performance Group) who have just recently started up again since 2004. We formed this group to perform at the Polynesian and Maori Festival 2013. We do this to showcase the dignity of our cultures.

This year we performed a Tuvaluan dance called “Siva” which is the most graceful dance from Tuvalu (islands of Funafuti and Nukulaelae). The Pacific Islands Pearls have had a short journey so far. I enjoyed teaching the girls my culture because they showed enthusiasm, motivation and courage at all times while teaching them where I came from. It was important for everyone to attend all practices because we only had a short time to learn the dances for the festival. We look forward to our continued development and growth next year and we welcome ALL students who would like to participate in this friendly and special new group.
I am thankful to have had Runa Misitau Falanitule, Lydie Leurquin, Carmen Heinze-Farrington, Katalina Ahokovi and Emma Samuels on this journey with me, without them this group wouldn’t have succeeded throughout the year. Also a special thank you to Ms Brinsley and Memma Tui for the hard work they did for the Pacific Island Pearls.

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