Northeast Valley Coaching Trip

By Tash Gosling and Brendan Kearns | Posted: Wednesday January 1, 2014

On the 25th September 2014, the Year 12 P.E class went to Northeast Valley Normal School to coach the primary school kids.

This trip contributed to our assessment of AS 91332, also called ‘Managing Munchkins’. We were assessed on our use of leadership skills in a group setting. For the standard, we were required to run several groups of students through a name game, warm up and modified games that were skill related to our chosen sport/activity. We undertook this challenge in partners and through the course of the day each pair taught five groups with around 30 minutes for each session.

Throughout the day, we found that a lot of the students were willing to participate with enthusiasm, and enjoyed our activities. However, many of the pairs found this day particularly challenging because we had never taken on a leadership role for a younger age group before. At times it was challenging to keep the students engaged, but as the day progressed we continued to be more successful.

Over all, the day was a lot of fun and we learnt just as much from the children as the children learnt from us.

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