Ex-Student from Brazil Returns to LPHS for a Visit

By Jane Johnson | Posted: Wednesday March 1, 2017

Luis Rosario from Curitiba, Brazil, visited us with his new bride, Francine, in February, to show her around his NZ school while on their honeymoon.

Luis enrolled at LPHS as an international student 16 years ago. Since then he has become an engineer in Curitiba, his home city in the south of Brazil. He shared a lot of news with me about some previous international students like Daniel Wolf, who is now a farmer in the Amazon area and another Brazilian student who is now a doctor.   Luis spoke perfect English and enjoyed his tour around the school, noting the building changes with the entrance to the school, the Library site, the new Music Suite and the Whanau Room. Luis hoped to have a chat with his Group Teacher, Carl Dickel, but he is now resident on the Gold Coast of Australia after retiring from teaching some years ago. Luis was thrilled to find some magazine photos of the School Formal he attended, his international and kiwi student friends at the time and some of his sports teams.