Jazz Band Successes

By Arnika Hazelwood | Posted: Tuesday August 16, 2016

Our Jazz Bands competed at the JazzQuest competition in Christchurch in early August and returned home with 6 awards.

Awards won included:

  1. Gold Award for the LPHS Jazz Band 
  2. Gold Award for the LPHS Jazz Combo
  3. Best Jazz Combo in the Festival: LPHS Jazz Combo
  4. Best Jazz Singer: Erica Steadman
  5. Best Pianist: George Maclaurin
  6. Best Musician of the Festival: George Maclaurin

JazzQuest is an annual competition for secondary school jazz bands, showcasing the quality of some of the country's top school jazzbands and musicians. Bands are awarded gold, silver and bronze awards and individual musicians are presented awards for outstanding contributions on their instruments, as well as for original compositions and arrangements. 

Thanks to Musical Maestro John Dodd and to all the parents who supported the students on the trip.

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