Stage Challenge

By Ella Dodd | Posted: Monday May 19, 2014

This years Stage Challenge was off the chain.

Our theme was regrets of the past and fears of the future shown through a girl with insomnia who was taken through a journey in the night by two sprites.

Our Stage Challenge was made up of four dances; the Past, Battle, Future and Final. Each one contained the Past and Future fighting for the girl. We came up with this theme because we are at a crossroad in our lives because we’re in our last year at high school and we don’t know what the future will hold for us.

Over 50 dancers travelled down to Invercargill to compete, leaving at 6:45 in the morning. When we got down there we had to set up and then go to a meeting in the theatre where we got told about the day.

During the day we had several practices on stage, spent hours on hair and makeup and then performed to a sold out theatre. After our performance one of the judges told us that our choreography was the highlight of her night.

At the presentation we won several awards. We received Excellence for Stagecraft, Excellence for Soundtrack, Excellence for Choreography, Excellence for Stage Use and third overall. The main organisers this year were Yama Dempster-Passang, Ella Dodd, Shannon Thorsnes and Edan Feint.

Thank you to Jessie Sims for making all the costumes, the makeup crew for all their hard work, Ms Ashby for making it possible and all her efforts and all the dancers that came down to compete.

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