By Formal Committee | Posted: Monday August 11, 2014

The day that all girls look forward to. You spend the whole day getting ready. Making sure you have everything. The hair, the make-up, the shoes, the bag, the accessories, the dress. Everything has to be perfect and as the Formal Committee it was our job to make sure the whole occasion went off without a hitch.

Six months ago five people  accepted the challenge that is the Formal, and boy was it a challenge. The five of us met and first things first. What did it mean to be the Formal Committee? It meant organising the event of the year.  No pressure at all.

We all met up and decided on a theme. There were so many and it was hard to pick from one but after much discussion we ended up with Hollywood Glamour. It was something that we all agreed was generic and hoped that everyone would like.

We then had to find a venue that would make our theme just that much more special and would be big enough for all of us Logan Parkers and somewhere that had really, really good food because that’s always a must.

We set out to find a venue. We had many different options. The Savoy, the Museum, the Stadium, but only one could be our place and the winner was the University Union Hall. The Union ticked all the boxes. It was big, it was elegant, it had amazing food and it was central.

The venue, theme and food had all been decided. Now it was time for decorations and what would a Hollywood Glamour theme be without a red carpet. That was a must, but where to find one that would fit our needs and wants? The Hirepool. This place was amazing and had so many things that we needed and for a good price as well.

There was still so much to do and time was running out. We were like headless chickens running around going over and over things that we had already done. Time was getting away from us and we didn’t know what to do. We sought the help of our supervising teacher and it was like a message from above. Mrs Spicer came in and helped us to be the calm and collected group that we were. She got Mrs Fraser onto the tickets and seating plan. She came in and she helped to make the Formal what it was.

We want to say a huge thank you to Mrs Spicer and Mrs Fraser because without them the Formal would still be in planning mode. Thank you so much.

It was an experience that I don’t think anyone will forget for an extremely long time. The night was amazing and everyone looked absolutely beautiful. The whole thing was perfect and to everyone that came to the night thank you as well. 

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