National Cross Country Champs

By Rebecca Dalphin | Posted: Monday July 1, 2019

Rebecca Dalphin reports about the experience:

Over the weekend of the 15th and 16th of June the National Cross Country Championships (For secondary Schools) were held. Viviane and I travelled to Timaru to compete. It was by far the biggest event I had ever competed in, with my race having over 100 girls, and Viviane’s had just under 100. The course was very nice to run, especially with the inclusion of quite a few hills, and some hurdles. We ran both days, in the individual race, followed by the Otago team relay the next day. The weather was surprisingly sunny both days, although the frost early on Sunday made the race at 9am a little more challenging, but still very fun. And I was so focused on the race on Saturday that I didn’t notice it was drizzling!

Over the course of the weekend Viviane came 14th in her individual race, while I came in the middle, and in the team event the Otago Junior team (Viviane’s) came 8th, while mine (Senior Otago team) came 10th.

In all the races were extremely fun, with a good course, and I’m sure Viviane and I will be keen to compete in next year’s race. 

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